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Registration FAQ

Do you accept payments in Pounds/Rmb/etc?
For EU events we accept payments only in EUR while for all events outside of EU the accepted registration currency is US dollars.
When will I receive a proof/invoice after registration?
For wire transfers you will receive an automatic invoice after the payment is complete and has reached our bank account. For credit card payments, the invoice is issued immediately if Saferpay processes the transaction successfully.
Is it possible to receive a refund?
It is possible to receive a refund in case you have overpaid, will not be able to attend the conference, other reasons. For refund policy, please look on the first page of the registration. In order to send a refund request, please download the attached form, fill in and send to registration@eai.eu.
Can my co-author register and upload the paper and I go and present it?
Yes. For that you need to write an email requesting registration change to registration@eai.eu.
Who is entitled to receive the discounted “member” fee?
All EAI users and the affiliated society (i.e. ICST) members are entitled to receive the discounted rate.
When I try to register, the system doesn't recognize my email.
  • if you are an accepted author, you need to register using the same email address to which you received the acceptance notification;
  • if you are not an accepted author, you should tick "no" to the question if you are an accepted author or not and 1) login, if you are an EAI user or the affiliated society (i.e. ICST) member (if not, you may create one by following the link below the login) or 2) click on "Proceed without logging in";
  • if your email is still not recognized after following the above points, please write to registration@eai.eu.
Is the provided info correct for the wire transfer?
Could you send me wire transfer details?
If the event is in EU please send the wire transfer to:
Bank:                VUB Banka
Address:             Mlynské nivy 1, 829 90 Bratislava 25, Slovakia
Swift Code:          SUBASKBX
IBAN Account Number: SK80 0200 0000 0034 6808 3351
Account Name:        European Alliance for Innovation
If the event is outside EU the wire transfer needs to be sent to:
Bank:                Bank of America
Address:             222 Broadway, New York, New York 10038 USA
Swift Code:          BOFAUS3N
Account Name:        EAI
Account number:      004647 5347 57
Routing number:      026009593
I need more info for wire transfer: beneficiary address and resident country.

For EU events: Begijnhoflaan 93a 9000 GENT, Belgium

For non-EU events: 100 Wells Avenue Newton MA 02459

The registration price is too high, can I have a discount?
There are no discounts, but one full registration can cover two papers of the same co-author.
There is a transaction fee for wire transfer, should I pay more?
It is the responsibility of the registrant to bear the additional costs related to wire transfer.
Why isn't the system giving me the early registration fee?
The reason is that the deadline of early registration fee has passed.
I need a pro-forma invoice.
You need to write an email stating the name of the conference and the chosen registration package fee to registration@eai.eu.
Please note that for wire transfer payments, a proforma is automatically sent by the system in a few minutes after you click "I agree to pay via wire transfer".
I didn't fill in the correct address when paying, can you change?
You need to write a request to registration@eai.eu.
I am a student, should I pay full rate or student rate?
If you want your paper to be included in proceedings, you should register for the full conference. If one of your co-authors has already registered at the full rate, you may register at the student rate.
I have a problem when trying to pay by credit card.
Please check on which website the problem appears, if it is saferpay, then the problem does not come from our website. However here are some advices that can be helpful:
  • the system needs a perfect match, even the title that precedes the name;
  • a specific company card may have a withdrawal amount limit which is less than the registration fee.
Can I get my printed invoice during the conference?
Yes. You need to ask the conference coordinator on-site
When is the early registration for the conference?
You can see the early registration deadline on the second page of the registration website or on the conference website.
The early registration deadline is 23:59 PM, but it is already giving the late fee even though it has not yet passed.
Please take into account that the system is set on the Central European time, thus the deadline time is considered based on the Central European time.
Can my registration be transferred to my co-author?
Yes. You need to write a request to customer service at registration@eai.eu.
My paper has been accepted for the conference, how much do I need to pay in order for it to be included in the proceedings?
You or one of the co-authors of the paper needs to register at the full fee in order for the paper be included in the proceedings.
Do all of the co-authors need to pay in order for the paper to be published?
Full registration of one of the co-authors is enough for the paper to be published. However each person should register if he/she intends to attend the conference.
Can I register someone else with my credit card?
You can, but you need to use his/her credentials (login/password on the website).
I have a workshop paper. Should I register for workshop or the whole conference?
If you would like your paper to be included in the conference proceedings, you need to register at full rate.
I registered before the early deadline but the bank delayed the payment, will it still be with early fee?
If the registration on the website was before the early deadline, then the early fee will be considered.
How can I register for one more additional page
You need to select "Extra page upload" product on the registration website and purchase it.
Since it is me who will register and also attend the conference, I would like to have my name as the registrant.
You need to go to the registration page and register using the same email address to which you received the acceptance notification. After which you will be able to upload the final camera-ready paper. You do not need to do anything else.
I overpaid the registration fee, how can I receive refund?
Please send the filled out refund request form to finances@eai.eu
Can I register as non-author for one day even on the workshop day?
Yes, you may, but please consider that the option does not include paper upload
I registered via wire transfer, but the deadline is today, can I change the payment method and register with my credit card?
You can send the payment proof to the conference manager.